Gravestone Inscriptions and Photos from Doagh Graveyard

Surname Inscription Photo
ALEXANDER The Burying ground of the Alexander family, Summerhill, Muckamore View
ALEXANDER Erected by Andrew Alexander, of Holestone, in memory of his father, James Alexander, who died 30th April 1887, aged 75 years, also his brother, James, died 25th May 1904. His mother, Elizabeth, died 20th September 1906. His daughter, Margaret, died 20th March 1915. His wife, Rachel, died 4th May 1935. His sister, Margaret, died 27th April 1938. Also the above named, Andrew Alexander, died 15th November 1944, at Fourmileburn. Also his son, James, died 4th December 1950. Their eldest daughter, Agnes McConnell Alexander, died 11th April 1973, aged 77 years. Mabel, wife of the above James, died 8th July 1983. May, died 25th November 1984. Sam of Fourmileburn, died 31st July 1987. View
ATWELL Erected by William Atwell, in memory of his beloved wife, Martha, who died 20th March 1883, aged 26 years, also his brother-in-law, Robert McClelland, who died 9th September 1871, aged 33 years, and David McClelland, who died 2nd October 1874, aged 17 years, also his father-in-law, David McClelland, who died 27th May 1877, aged 62 years, also his mother-in-law, Martha McClelland, who died 19th October 1884, aged 71 years, and his sister-in-law, Jane, beloved wife of James Williams, who died 16th March 1886, aged 34 years, and his daughter, Harriette Ann Atwell born, May 6th 1878, died May 29th 1891, also Maggie Atwell, daughter, died 1st May 1898, aged 17 years. View
BAMFORD Bamford View
BARBOUR Robert Barbour’s burying, two graves View
B W B W View
CAMERON Erected to the memory of Alexr Cameron, of Ballyho(ne) who died 15th March 1844, aged 79 years. View
CAMPBELL In memory of Elizabeth Watt Campbell, beloved wife of George Henry Campbell, died 9th March 1937 aged 59 years. Also the above George Henry Campbell, died 26th August 1940 aged 67 years. View
COLLINS Love’s last gift of remembrance to my devoted wife Margaret Collins, died 24th December 1962. View
CONNALY Erected to the memory of Mary Connaly, of Doagh, who departed this life, 1st January 1838, aged 54 years. Also Samuel Connaly, who departed this life, 26th February 1840, aged 44 years. View
CONNOR In loving memory of Jack, died 7th January 1979. Beloved husband of Marion, died 22nd December 2010. View
COURTNEY Erected by Thomas Courtney, Doagh, in memory of his beloved wife, Mary, who died 17th November 1880, aged 60 years. The Lord is my portion, my soul shall not fear View
COURTNEY Erected by Samuel Courtney, in memory of his children, Alexander, died 22nd February 1848, aged 1 years and 8 months, Elizabeth, died 18th September 1853, aged 3 years, Mary ? died 1st November 1857, aged 15 years, Alexander, died 14th February 1868, aged 19 years, ——-, died ? January 1869, aged 27 years, ——-, died ? October 1869, aged 34 years, Agnes, died 2nd July 1872, aged 19 years, Samuel, died 14th July 1883, aged 35 years, also his granddaughter, Minnie, beloved wife of James Douglas Wylie, who died 25th June 1884, aged 20 years, also said Samuel Courtney [sic] who died 12th November 1884, aged 77 years, also his wife, Elizabeth Courtney, who died 15th February 1897, aged 86 years, also their daughter, Ann Courtney, who died 30th March 1908, aged 72 years. [Flaking badly] View
COURTNEY Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Anna Courtney, the beloved daughter of Thomas Courtney, of Doagh, who departed this life, 10th April 1861, aged 7 years. Also a son who died in infancy. View
COURTNEY Erected by Alexr Courtney, Doagh, in memory of his father, James Courtney, who departed this life, 18th March 1855, aged 95 years. Also his mother, Anna Courtney, who departed this life, 12th May 1856, aged 84 years. View
CRAWFORD In loving memory of my dear wife Susan, died 30th April 1955. View
CUTHBERT Cuthbert View
DAVIDSON 1897, Erected by M. Davidson, in memory of my beloved children. View
DAVIDSON Erected by Willm Davidson, of Belfast, in memory of his son, Thomas, who departed this life, 22nd September 1859, aged 4 years View
DUNCAN The family burying ground of James Duncan, 1900 View
EASTON “Until the day dawn” In loving memory of John Easton, of Belfast, who died 1st December 1910, aged 70 years, also his children, Annie, died 5th June 1880, John, died 2nd April 1884, also his wife, Eliza Ann, who died 9th March 1917, aged 77 years, also his son, Robert, who died 18th November 1930, aged 57 years, also his daughter, Elizabeth Easton, who died 4th July 1944, aged 75 years.
ERSKINE In remembrance of Samuel Erskine, died 3rd June 1906, aged 46. Margaret, his wife, died 25th March 1930, aged 68. Their sons Samuel, died 7th October 1938, aged 41, Thomas, died 1st October 1953, aged 64, interred in Hendon Cemetery, London. Their daughter Kathleen, died 22nd Sep. 1973. Margaret, wife of Samuel, died 1st February 1984. View
FERGUSON Erected by Thomas Ferguson, of Doagh, to the memory of his wife, Anne Ferguson, who departed this life on the 5th day of March 1829, aged 49 years. Also his son, Robert, who died in infancy. Also the above named Thomas Ferguson, who died 20th December 1832, aged 54 years. And his grandaughter, Ellen Ferguson, who died 15th February 1855, aged 16 years. Anne Ferguson, who died 30th November 1855, aged 22 years, Sarah Ferguson, who died 13th May 1856, aged 21 years. Also Margaret, who died 23rd June 1860, aged 16 years. Their mother, Margaret Ferguson, who died 14th December 1871, aged 69 years. And their father, James Ferguson of Muckamore, who died 30th September 1883, aged 73 years. View
GARRETT Erected by James Garrett, in loving memory of his wife, Sarah Ann Garrett, died 9th May 1891, aged 52 years. Also their son, Samuel Garrett, died 21st April 1899, aged 35 years, the above named James Garrett, died 23rd November 1918, aged 94 years. View
GIBB 1897. The family burying place of Thomas Gibb, of Belfast. Erected by Thomas Gibb, in affectionate remembrance of his children, William Byers Gibb, who departed this life on the 1st July 1897, aged 10 years.“He is not dead, but sleepeth.” Alexander Gibb, who departed this life on 2nd March 1898, aged 12 years “Suffer little children to come onto me.” Also in memory of the above named Thomas Gibb, who departed this life, 2nd July 1899, aged 65 years. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away.” And of his wife, Margaret Jane Gibb, who entered into rest, 23rd July 1922, aged 78 years. “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”And his sin, John Gibb, who passed away, 11th November 1940, aged 60 years. “I have kept the faith.” And his son, Thomas Gibb, JP, died 24th December 1943, aged 66 years “Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord.” Also of his father, William Gibb, who died 4th February 1878, aged 80 years. And of his mother, Martha Gibb, who died 19th October 1881, aged 77 years. Also of two brothers, and one sister, who died in infancy. Gibb. View
GILMER Erected by Margart Gilmer, of Bally(caston) in memory of her beloved husband, John Gilmer, who departed this life in August 1826, aged 36 years. Also her daughter, Mary, who died in March 1828, aged 15 years. View
GILMORE In loving memory of our dear parents. William, died 8th October 1972. Martha, died 24th July 1974. And our grandparents, Samuel and Priscilla Gilmore. View
GREER Family burying place of Samuel Greer. 2 graves. View
GROVES Robert J. Groves, died 5th March 1938. “In loving memory of Daddie.” Also his son William Byers Gibb Groves, died 17th March 1951. View
HAMILTON Erected by Samuel J. Hamilton in loving memory of his wife Eliza Jane, who died 7th February 1929. Also his daughter Catherine Priscilla, who died 1st February 1929. Also above named Samuel J. Hamilton, died 21 Dec. 1942. View
HARPER In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Andrew Harper, died 12th February 1954, aged 73 years. Also his dear mother, Mary Harper, died 19th May 1916 aged 62 years. View
HAYES/MCLARNON Erected by Agnes Hayes, of Doagh, in memory of her brother, Alexander McClarnon, who departed this life, 6th May 1859, aged 56 years. Also her son, Alexander Hayes, who departed this life, 14th February 1852, aged 18 years. Likewise the Erector, Agnes Hayes, who departed this life on the 21st of May 1863, aged 65 years View
HIGGINSON In loving memory of Isaac, beloved husband of Mary Jane Higginson, died 6th May 1944. Also their son Private John Higginson, did 11th Sept. 1920 at Sialkot, India. View
HUNTER Precious memories of Alexander, died 22nd August 1964. Loving husband of Agnes. A beloved father, grandfather and dear brother to James. View
HUNTER Erected in loving memory of Andrew Hill Hunter, who died 8th January 1907. Also his wife Mary Agnes, who died 19th May 1932. “He giveth his beloved sleep.” View
HUNTER Erected by Margaret Hunter, in loving memory of her dear husband, David Hunter, who died 22nd April 1893. Also of their son and two daughters, Matthew, died 13th March 1892, Mary Ann, died 9th Sept. 1912, Maggie, died 20th June 1919. The above named Margaret Hunter, died 28th October 1928. View
HUNTER The family burying ground of James Hunter, who died 9th May 1898. View
HUNTER Erected by Robert Hunter, Ballyhamage, in memory of his father, David Hunter, who departed this life, 1st February 1856, aged 76 years, also his mother, Jane Hunter, who died 1st January, aged 75 years
HUNTER Erected by David Hunter, of Ballyhamage, in memory of his father, Robert Hunter, who died 3rd June 1881, aged 68 years, also his mother, Barbara Hunter, who died 29th January 1892, aged 68 years, also his wife, Annie Elizabeth Hunter, who died 1st March 1898, aged 41 years, also his brother, Joseph Hunter, who died 9th July 1916, aged 69 years, also his daughter, Barbara Hill Hunter, who died 1st May 1923, the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord, the above named, David Hunter, who died 12th February 1924, aged 81 years “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” Rev X1C 13V.
HUNTER Erected by James Hunter, Ballyhamage, in memory of his wife, Agnes Hunter, who died 11th June 1853, aged 38 years. Also 4 of their children, David, John, Mary & Thomas. And the said James Hunter, who died 26th April 1897 aged 85 yrs. “Awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.” View
HUNTER In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother, Catherine Annie, died 6th March 1979. “In thy presence is fulness of joy.” View
HUNTER The family burying ground of Charles Hunter. View
HUNTER In loving memory of our parents, Edward, 30th June 1941. Agnes, 28th June 1952. Their daughters, Mary, 10th October 1906. Elizabeth, 11th December 1968. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” View
HUNTER Erected by Elizabeth Hunter, Kilbride, in memory of her brother, Andrew Hunter, 1880. View
HUNTER In loving memory of a devoted husband and father, James, died 22nd September 1982. View
HUNTER Erected by Sarah Hunter, Ballyhamage, Doagh, in memory of her father, mother, brothers, sisters and aunts. “Until the day break.” View
HUTCHINSON The family burying ground of William Hutchinson, Belfast. View
IRVIN Erected by James Irvin, in memory of his mother, Jane Irvin, who died Octr 31st 1858, aged 48 years. Also his sister, Ellen Jane, died April 19th 1858, aged 16 years. Also his father, John Irvin, who died 31st. December 1877, aged 87 years. View
IRVINE Erected by Ellen Irvine in loving memory of her beloved husband, Andrew Irvine, Shamrock Glen, Ballyree, Bangor, died 14th March 1920. Also their eldest son William, died 29th November 1911. Also the above Ellen Irvine, who died 19th June 1929. “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.” View
IRVINE Family burial ground of Robert Irvine. View
JOHNSTON Johnston View
JOHNSTON Erected to the memory of Robert Johnston, who died 27th January 1860, aged 25. Also his mother, Margaret Milliken, died 10th January 1859, aged 54. Also his brother, James Johnston, died 4th June 1857, aged 25. “Saved are those though one triune God, who ———–“ View
JOHNSTON Erected by James Johnston, of Doagh, in memory of his wife, Nancy, who died 26th September 1846, aged 37 years. View
KELLY In memory of Andrew Montgmery Kelly, born 2nd July 1926 – died 20th may 2001. View
KELLY Erected by Hugh M. Kelly, in memory of his beloved wife, Mary Jane Anderson, who died 22nd December 1876, aged 40 years. Also the above, Hugh Montgomery Kelly, who died 3rd January 1884, aged 63 years, Joanna Kelly, died 17th November 1953. Her husband, HughMontgomery, died 26th July 1954. Hester Kelly, died 20th March 1976, daughter-in-law to the above. Also her husband Thomas, died 12th November 1991. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord” Rev 14c .13v. View
KELLY T. Kelly View
KELLY In loving memory of Thomas James Kelly, died 25th September 1934. Margaret Kelly, died 9th May 1911. Also Elizabeth, wife of Thomas James, died 19th August 1960. View
KIRK / CHRISTIE Erected by William Kirk (killed in Battle of St Eloi on 4th April 1916) in loving memory of his mother, Lizzie Kirk, who died on 8th December 1909. Samuel Kirk, died 10th jan. 1928 aged 82 yrs. James Christie died 26th May 1967 aged 82 yrs. Jane Parker Christie, died 24th July 1974 aged 90 yrs. View
LINDSAY In loving memory of Rachel Lindsay who died 29th September 1942 aged 77 years. Also her husband James Lindsay died (6)th June 1947 aged 81 years. View
LINDSAY In loving memory of Henrietta Crawford Lindsay, who died 25th February 1938 aged 61 years. And her husband Isaac Adams Lindsay, who died 5th November 1943, aged 68 years. And their daughters, Jeanette, died 14th Sept. 1977 aged 77 years, Isabel, died 12th April 1985 aged 70 years. View
LORIMER In loving memory of my dear mother Robina, died 16th July 1963. Also my dear father John, died 22nd March 1970. View
LYLE Erected by William Lyle, Isle Of Man, in memory of his beloved son, James, who departed this life, 6th March 1895, aged 17 years, also his daughter, Maggie, who departed this life, 5th June 1910, aged 28 years, also his daughter, Sarah, wife of Robert Hunter, Ballyhamage, Doagh, who departed this life, 18th December 1923, aged 44 years, also his wife, Sarah Agnes Lyle, who died 3rd November 1929, aged 73 years, the above named, William Lyle, died 8th February 1943, in the 89th year, also his daughter-in-law, Mary Agnes, wife of Samuel Lyle, died 7th July 1953, aged 62 years, also his daughter, Ellen, died 8th December 1960, aged 71 years, also his son, Samuel, died 9th November 1963, in his 80th year
LYLE Erected by James Lyle, of Ballyclare, in memory of his wife, Margaret, who departed this life 11th March 1865, aged 50 years. The above named James Lyle, departed this life 12th March 1893, aged 79 years View
MANN John Mann, in memory of father, mother, sister, brothers, and little daughter, 2 graves View
MARMEN Erected by Jane Marmen in loving memory of her mother and two sisters. View
McADAM McAdam, Ballyhamage, Doagh. In loving memory of James McAdam, 21st Jan. 1875 – 13th Dec. 1955. His wife Mary Ann (nee Reid), 13th Jan. 1873 – 6th Dec. 1948. And their seven children. Rachel Gwendolene, 17th Dec. 1905 – 20 Mar. 1906. Jane, 21st Feb. 1904 – 11 Mar. 1974. William McAdam, 28th Dec. 1909 – 7th Feb. 1983. And his wife Mary Jane (Minnie) (nee Kyle), 25th Jan. 1916 – 7th Feb. 2007. Also Mary, Catherine, Thomas & Rachel interred in Ballyclare Cemetery. “Forever with the Lord, Amen, so let it be.” View
McBRIDE Erected by Mary McBride, in memory of her father, William McBride, who died on the 14th day of February 1832, aged 72 years, also her mother, Mary McBride, who died on the 10th of July 1835, aged 62 years. View
McCLEAN In memory of Sarah McClean, who died 10th June 1883, aged 9 years. Also her sister, Annie, who died 27th October 1896, aged 23 years [Claims 2 graves South]. View
McCLEAN In loving memory of Stafford McClean, who departed this life, 3rd June 1919, aged 74 years. Also his infant daughter, Elizabeth McClean, who died 20th June 1891, aged 11 months. Also his son, Samuel Hunter McClean, who died 30th August 1933, aged 56 years. And his wife Christina McClean, who died 20th April 1935, aged 85 years. And his son, James McClean, who died 4th January 1954, aged 75 years, and his daughter, Jane McClean, died 5th May 1970, aged 81 years
Mary McClean, died 30th November 1917, aged 16 years, daughter of Thomas McClean. Mary McClean, died 4th July 1912, and her husband,
Thomas McClean, died 27th March 1949.
McCLELAND To the memory of Nat McCleland of Doagh, also his wife, Cathren. Likwise his daughter, Cathren, who departed this life July the 24th 1810 aged 72 years. Also his son John, who departed this life 19th May 1826, aged 92 years. View
McCONNELL Erected by James McConnell, Ballyharvey, in memory of his beloeved wife, Jane Ferguson, who died 13th January 1901, aged 68 years. Also the above named James McConnell, who died 11th January 1904 aged 69 years. View
McCONNELL In memory of Thomas McConnell, of Ballywee, who died 20th March 1878, aged 75 years, and his wife, Nancy McConnell, who died 4th February 1891, aged 84 years, also their daughter, Rachel, who died August 1861, aged 18 years, also their daughter, Margaret Mooe, who died 20th November 1911, aged 81 years, also their son, Thomas John McConnell, who died 3rd December 1922, aged 76 years.
McFAUL The burying place of Randal McFaul, Holestone, 1881 View
McGAW In loving memory of Robert McGaw, 24-2-1955. View
McMILLAN Erected by James McMillan in loving memory of his wife Mary McMillan, who died 19th May 1925. Also the above James McMillan, died 27th September 1927. View
McMULLAN In loving memory of Sadie, died 18th Feb. 1988. View
MENZIES Erected by Cecil. S. Menzies in loving memory of his grandmother, Margaret Beverly, died 14th September 1924 aged 85 years. Also her son John, died 26th October 1907 aged 44 years. And also her brother, John Bowden, died 26th April 1913 aged 71 years. And her grandson, Robert Francis, died 28th September 1915 aged 10 years. View
MILLIKEN The family burying place of Joseph Milliken, Doagh, 1875 View
MONTGOMERY The family burying place of Richard Montgomery, 1890
MORRISON The family burying place of the late Alexander & Esther Morrison. View
MURRAY Erected by William M. Murray, Belfast View
PHILLIPS In loving memory of John Phillips, died 13th May 1944 aged 83 years. His wife Agnes Scott McCombe, died 16th October 1935 aged 79 years. Their son George Leathem McCombe, died 15th October 1970 aged 67 years. View
RAMSEY Ramsey View
RAMSEY In loving memory of our dear parents. William John, died 7th March 1971. Ellen died 25th November 1985. Also our grandparents. “The lord is my shepherd.” View
REA In loving memory of William Rea, died (?) April (1931). Also his son William, died 20th June 1909. Also his daughter Elizabeth, died 1(9)th April 1950. Also his grand daughter Agnes, died 19th October 192(7). View
REID Erected by Walter Reid, Doagh, in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Reid, who died (?) 1906. [Rest obscured and hard to read.] View
ROBINSON / FORBES Erected by Sarah Robinson, in memory of her beloved husband, Alexander Robinson, who died 8th September 1872, aged 44 years. Also her eldest son, Robert Robinson, who died 27th November 1882, aged 30 years. The above named, Sarah Robinson, died 17th January 1893, aged 73 years. Also their son-in-law, Alexander Forbes, who died 11th February 1897, aged 44 years. Also her son, John, who died 11th July 1902, aged 43 years. Also her daughter, Sarah Forbes, who died 2nd March 1951, aged 90 years, Robert Robinson Forbes, son of the above, Alexander and Sarah Forbes, died 21st October 1958, aged 66 years. Agnes Nelson Forbes (nee Flack), died 18th January 1985, aged 85 years. View
ROBINSON Erected by John Robinson, of Ballyhama[ge], in memory of his mother, Jane Robinson, who departed this life, 12th October 1840, aged 85 years. Also his brother, Robert Robinson, who departed this life 7th August 1835, aged 38 years. Also his brother, Andrew Robinson, who departed this life, 1st September 1871, aged 76 years. His sister, Agnes Robinson, died 18th July 1873, aged 81 years. View
ROBINSON Erected by Jane Robinson in memory of her beloved husband Archibald Robinson who died 23rd of July 1903 in the 69th year of his age. Also the above named Jane Robinson who died 28th August 1907 in the 68th year of her age. Also their daughter Annie Wilson Robinson, died 2nd February 1932. “Until the day break and the shadows flee away.” View
RODGERS Burial Ground of Thomas Rodgers, and family, 4 graves. View
SCOTT Erected by Robert Scott in memory of his beloved wife, Mary Ann Ferris, who died 13th Dec. 1915 aged 59 years. Also the above Robert Scott, who died 4th June 1938 aged 79 years. View
SHAW Here lieth the body of Edward Shaw, who died in the years 1761, aged 86 years, and his wife, Margaret Shaw (formerly Boswell) who died in 1755, aged 82 years. Also William Shaw, their son, who died in 1759, aged 38 years. And Dorothea Shaw (Formerly Blair) who died in 1779, aged 61 years. And also James Blair Shaw (son of said William and Dorothea Shaw) who died on the 21st day of November 1818, aged 70 years. And also Elizabeth Blair Ogilvie, Doagh House (a niece of the said James Blair Shaw, and eldest daughter of the late James Blair Ogilvie) who died on the 15th July 1831. Photo 1Photo 2
SURGENOR Surgenor View
SIMMS Erected by Martha Simms, in memory of her father, William Simms, Ballywalter, who departed this life 11th April 1887 aged 90 years. Also of her mother, Mary Simms, who died 6th May 1835, aged 34 years. Of her sister Margaret, who died young. Of her sister Mary, who died 8th March 1890, aged 62 years. And of her brother, William Simms, who died 5th November 1892 aged 60 years. Also Martha Simms, who died 5th August 1914. “Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” View
STEVENSON Erected by Mary Stevenson, to the memory of her daughter, Margaret Whitaker, died 10th February 18(56), aged 34 years. View
STEWART Erected by John Stewart of Ballyhamage, in loving memory of his daughter, Esther Stewart, who died on the 16th January 1854, aged 28 years, also her mother, Janet Stewart, who died 10th July 1860, aged 75 years, also the erector, who died 1st February 1863, aged 84 years.
STEWART Erected to the memory of Ann Stewart of Ballywalter, died 20th February 1865, aged 50 years. Also the said John Stewart, died 26th October, 1904, aged 88. Also his wife, Agnes Stewart, died 7th October, 1918, aged 75. Also his daughter, Mary, wife of John Fleming, who died 11th March 1924. Also his daughter, Susan Stewart, died 7th March 1949. James Stewart Fleming, son of John and Mary Fleming, and beloved husband of Annie Fleming, died 19th September 1993, aged 84 years. View
TAYLOR Daniel Taylor View
THOMPSON In memory of William Thompson, who died at Ballywee, Jany 16th 1883, aged 60 years. View
THOMPSON In loving memory of our dear parents. William H., died 20th February 1936. Janet, died 10th June 1957. Also their daughters, Elizabeth, died in infancy, Janet, died 1st January 1919. Also their son William Hugh, died 26th July 1987. View
THOMPSONS In loving memory, Thompsons, Ballyrobert and Belfast View
TODD 1896. In loving memory of Hugh Todd, Carrickfergus, died 23rd February 1896, aged 59 years. And of his son, William Hugh, who died at Belfast, 2nd July 1905, aged 27 years. Also of Ellen, wife of the above Hugh Todd, died at Belfast, 23rd December 1906, aged 72 years. Also his daughter, Isabella, who died at Belfast, 12th December 1930, aged 58 years, also his daughter, Eliza Jane, died 22nd March 1942, aged 73 years. “Until the daybreak.” View
TURKINGTON In loving memory of our dear father Henry (Harry), died 5th February 1982. View
VALENTINE Sacred to the memory of George Valentine, who died December 25th 1832, aged (8)0 years. Also his son, John Valentine, died August 1st 1838, aged 51 years. View
VALENTINE The family burying place of James Valentine. View
WALKER Walker View
WALLACE Erected by Jane and Matilda Wallace, in memory of their father, Thomas Wallace, who died 11th December 1839, aged 75 years. Also their mother, Sarah Wallace, who died 17th October 1846, aged 80 years. View
WHITLA Family burying place of George Whitla. 4 graves. View
WILLIAMSON Erected by William Williamson, of Fourmilebourn, in memory of his daughter, Maria Jane, who departed this life, 10th May 1864, aged 12 years [Graves South 1] View
WILSON The family burying place of Robert Wilson, 3 graves, 1900 View
WILSON To the memory of James Wilson of Ballyhone, who died 29th January 1829, aged 74 years. Also his wife, Jane Wilson, who died 29th January 1878, aged 84 years. Also his son, William John, who died 13th December 1872, aged 61 years. View
UNKNOWN Largely illegible View